February 2012

Modern and Classic Valentine's Day Songs for Children

If you are looking for some great songs to add to your kids’ playlist for Valentine’s Day, consider these songs that are about different kinds of love that we can feel and celebrate each day on this holiday of love and beyond.
One modern classic is “Love of My Life” by Carly Simon. She wrote this song for her children, and it’s affection, heartfelt lyrics from mother to child are timeless. “Warm and Tender” by Olivia Newton-John is a beautiful song she wrote for her daughter, Chloe, that may just make you tear up, but it’s also fun and has a great sound that kids will enjoy.

Kenny Loggins and Pooh Corner

If you have children, you no doubt know all about Winnie Pooh’s latest incarnations, and you probably remember him from your own childhood as well. Maybe you knew the awesome Disney Channel version of Pooh from the 1980s that featured the characters we all know and love as full-sized character best described as like Mickey Mouse at Disney World. Humans were inside the costumes and portrayed the characters, and the lovable characters also performed musical numbers in every show. 
Whether or not you have a long history with Pooh, your children will love the two Pooh-titled albums of Kenny Loggins. Kenny Loggins has a rather long history with Pooh himself. He first wrote the song called “House at Pooh Corner” in high school, and it was first recorded by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band before he recorded it with his own band, Loggins & Messina, in 1971. The album, “Sittin’ In,” was a big success, and the song become beloved among fans.