December 2011

The Best Children's Movie Soundtracks

Like adults, many kids can really fall in love with the great music in their favorite films. It's actually a great way for children to learn a lot about music. Even if the movie is not specifically about music, it can still open up the conversation to all sorts of discussions about music appreciation and what you want your child to know about music. Also, it's simply fun!  Introduce your kids to these really fun movies and also surprise them with the soundtrack for their collection. 

Later, when you are listening to the soundtrack, talk to your children about the movie it's from. In this way, the soundtrack can have the extra effect of helping your children learn about relating memories to music and teach them little tricks to jog their own memories by relating certain things to certain songs. Start with these charming soundtracks.

Choosing Christmas Music for Children

One of the best gifts you can give a child is a happy memory. Music often becomes a very important part of many memories. So, as you try to establish important traditions for the holidays with your child, also think of the type of music that you want your child to associate with the season. Pick songs that matter to you with messages that you feel are important. Also pick songs that may inspire your kid to get up on his feet and dance. Here are some songs to get you started on that playlist if you are wondering just which songs you want to play this Christmas.